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The SBSA has created a set of resources for secondary school educators designed to support you to understand what apprenticeships in science are, how to find the right one for your students and guide them to successfully apply.

A 2022 report by PLMR highlighted the lack of knowledge and support that teachers have in helping students and advising them about apprenticeship routes post 16. The report, utilising Teacher Tapp, found that 86% of teachers self-reported they believe too few students are taking up the opportunity of apprenticeships. Further to this, only 26% of teachers feel confident advising students about how to find an apprenticeship versus 90% for a university place.

To address this situation within secondary schools and assist teachers and careers advisors to give information, advice and guidance to those students who would like to pursue a career in science this resource was created. With contributions from sector bodies such as the Science Council, the National STEM Learning Centre, industry leaders such as CSR Scientific Training, University of Kent and S&A Academy as well as science apprentices, we hope that these pages help promote science opportunities and give students a full range of options.